About me

I believe that everyone, regardless of ethnicity, culture and social class, has the innate desire to increase personal growth and improve living conditions. Like every child has the urge to walk and speak.

I am convinced that this urge largely determines how we adapt to changing circumstances. The way in which this manifests itself in different cultures, social groups and among minorities is a source of fascination for me as a photographer. Changing situations force us not to cling to the well known, but to take a different approach. My work focuses on the resilience and ingenuity of ‘groups’ of people, in seemingly difficult conditions and the way they embark on their own unique journey.


I prefer to work on long term photography projects for which I travel a lot. For me it is crucial to thoroughly delve into the distinctive circumstances and lives of the people I follow for my projects. Honesty and trust are vital. People allow me into their world. This is fascinating yet very delicate.

Humans and animals

An often recurring themes in my work is the relationship between humans and animals. Especially the way in which pets in the Netherlands become more and more integrated into the life of man. My fascination for this subject has resulted in a long-term project named ‘showpieces’. It is an anthropological search for human behaviour through the animal.